Tau Chain Monthly Video Update - November

Link to video:

Text Summary below (thanks to Miao)


- Finished client proof of concept of Alpha which allows registering/unregistering users, create/delete channels, send/edit/delete messages, notifications

- TML can be used as a database to store data. Making data files accessible using widgets

- Added drafts of basic UI widgets, some functions like message editing, unregistration, notification are still missing

- Command line inputs are concatenated into one single program


- Making progress in understanding what users are saying in English, certain translation functions working in a UI. Example in the video where 'I love cats' is translated into formal logic.

- Hoping to open this site publicly soon to help test and play around with the power of TML


- Continued working on arithmetic support for TML, completed general multiplication feature. We can now represent a*b=c in TML

- This means we can now solve the Eratosthenes Sieve test. For a given range of integers we can identify all the prime numbers efficiently.

- Moving forward from general multiplication, we're looking for more optimized representations in the form of constraint sets. For example, given two sets [a,b] and [c,d], we're only looking for the multiplication or addition of pairwise combination of those two sets. This step is challenging given our BDD data structure but we're currently able to solve for bitwise operations on unconstrained sets which will allow us to approach the problem of pairwise constrained sets in addition and multiplication


- Focusing on second order logic

- Umar (PhD in Computer Science) wrote a parser for second order logic and is now working on transformations

- Ohad has been researching on how to solve second order logic formulas and discovered some existing work under the name of Boolean Unification. This should allow for second order logic solving, but also more research in BDDs should show us what an efficient solver would be like

- Considering how we can support Knowledge Representation Languages with Douglas Miles through common logic. We realize common logic is equivalent to notation 3 (established language within semantic web) if some of notation 3's restrictions are removed.


- Significant progress made on the legal compliance end. First major hurdle on our end is complete. Hoping to hear back from them soon.

- Still working on hiring a UX/UI dev who not only is an exceptional designer but can fully comprehend the capabilities of the tech. Douglas Miles will be helping to hire a UX researching and a UX designer