Community Update

Some of you might have seen the negative comments raised by a few community members against Ohad and the project.

We first wanted to mention that Ohad spent over 2.5 years researching and designing Tau-Chain. The ongoing development is going to create an amazing technology that we believe is going to change the world! The development team (Ohad, Tomas, Andrei, Dragan, Juan) is working around the clock to refine the development of TML and develop Alpha. The achievement of the Consensus Detection milestone and the release of the TML-Bot (as an MVP) were just the beginning.

The team appreciates a productive discussion and different opinions that can improve the design of Tau. However, after evaluating the arguments raised by some members of the community, we do not believe any changes to the current design are necessary. Therefore, we would like to focus the discussion around the continued development process.

We would like to share the following updates on the project:

  • The whitepaper is currently written by an Engineering Professor, which provides another support that the current design is complete. We will keep you posted on the release date.
  • The Fans Website is live (as you can see).
  • We will revamp the website and logo, to be aligned with the release of TML (and the bot) and the upcoming development of Alpha.
  • We are looking for additional hires.
  • Community development updates will continue as planned. Please include your questions in our Q&A link: