@Hadri | 2020-01-14

What will you use Tau for ?


As far as I'm concerned, I'm looking forward to the Beta. Automatically generate codes from consensus and agreements between people almost seems too beautiful to be true. It will open programming to a wide new range of people, thus allowing more good-minded people to express their ideas in concrete programs. 

Musicians could for example build a music-composer app that fit their needs without programming the app itself, but rather by discussing what choices are the best, what the design should look like, what functionalities should be implemented, and so, not loosing their focus on what matter to them. And the same goes for every type of artists : drawers, writers, movie producers, ... 

Of course there's still few milestones to hit before getting there, but the promises it offers keeps me excited.

I'd also like to see the Alpha in action, specifically how much democracy we can reach with a system built on this network. 

What about you ?


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Re:What will you use Tau for ? @Forest 2020-01-14

Awesome, i agree ! With society drifting more and more towards digitalization and herein the playstore already rocking countless of apps to use for self-enrichment / schooling , i certainly believe that as soon as even the less-logic/techy driven individuals have an easy means to develop a program of sorts for in their view of what they deem usefull, we'll get to see very interesting new ways ! It will make for the bridging of brain halves :) New problems that can be found and new solutions that can be made !

Re:What will you use Tau for ? @capitanart 2020-01-16

I like the idea that Tauchain can help the artistic community. Today, many design apps feed on the opinion of the artist who increasingly sees digital tools as a basic ally for his work. It would be great to be able to design a drawing tool with the needs of artistic eminences that know where it can be improved and how it can be improved.