Tau/TML example

Of which has been build/developed thus far, can i get an example of it's current possability in form of example in application ?


Re:Tau/TML example @miaomiao 2020-01-17

While I don't understand it too well myself, I'll quote something Ohad said in the last dev update that may answer your question: 'Now if we take such a Turing or Random Access machine and limit it to a fixed amount of memory, then firstly intrigued listeners can think about why the halting problem for such machines is decidable. Secondly, running such a machine is a task in PSPACE and thus doable directly in TML. Because Turing machine or Random Access machine or Automaton are basically only transition relations which are nothing more than 4 arity or 5 arity relations. This means simulating a machine with constant memory can be done in TML right now. Once we have second order logic we can synthesize programs from requirements. But to simulate even an assembly language, as long as it has fixed memory, can be done in TML right now.' Of course it's already able to detect consensus etc. And with 2nd order logic which is being worked on right now, we can start synthesizing code and compiling things like Operating Systems and TML itself automatically.